Cliff Top Kennels Re-Homing Centre URGENTLY needs your help

Covid-19 pandemic

Our charity is run by a very small but dedicated group of volunteers. We rely entirely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters, and money raised through our monthly fundraising events. We receive no funding from any organisations and no corporate sponsorship.

We have dog food collection points in Morrison’s, Scarborough and Tesco, Filey. We also receive VIP Lifeline vouchers from Pets at Home to spend in their store.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has hit many people and businesses very hard and we are only too aware of the difficulties that have been created. It has had a massive impact on us too.

In real terms, what this means for us is that we have rescue dogs in the kennels that we still have to support and care for, and this is not cheap. We are currently unable to rehome any of the dogs due to the Government regulations currently in place. We had a full calendar of fundraising events booked over the summer months and these have all, without exception, been cancelled. The reality is this; that with no income and dogs to care for to our usual high standard we only have our reserves to fund their care.

If the current situation continues, our budget forecast shows that we will not be able to function beyond September.

How can you help?

We are currently exploring ways in which we might be able to fund looking after the dogs in our care until such time as we can resume both re-homing and fundraising again. We are researching possible grants and have set up a crowd funding campaign –

This type of fundraising is all new to us, and we are reaching out to ask you, our valued supporters, for ideas for raising money. Maybe grant applications are your area of expertise or maybe you have a brilliant idea of a way people can raise money from the comfort of their own homes.

Please, please get in touch with any ideas. It is devastating to think that we may not be able to carry on fulfilling our mission to find homes for stray and abandoned dogs.

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