Cooplands Bakery

Postal workers, delivery drivers, carers & nurses doing home visits and all other keyworkers that need to travel around, we see you! 🙌

That’s why we are still running our £3 meal deal 🥪 so you can get a good value, speedy and satisfying meal on the go ……………..

In a time where the world feels like it is getting smaller, we are proud to be able to support so many local suppliers.

In our food care packages and for our range of essentials in our shops, we use local suppliers when we can. Our sliced meats and cheeses 🧀 are supplied by a family-owned business in Driffield, the egg packs 🥚 are from the Middlesbrough area and we use local greengrocers based in Hull and Gateshead for our fruit and veg 🍏🍊🥕🥔

You can order your own food parcel delivery here:

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