Scarborough Business Ambassadors – update 02.04.20

GCHQ offer of help – Firstly, we have had a very generous offer from GCHQ, who have said they will provide specific help to any small businesses who are struggling with technology to help them in terms of home-working, implementation and security. They are specifically able to help with upskilling staff in IT, analytics, problem solving and research as well as any manual demands people have. If you think you need help in any of these areas, then please reply to this email and I will pass on any requests directly to GCHQ, who will get back in touch with you if they can.
CBI Update – For those unable to catch today’s webinar, a few points came out of it regarding the current support schemes, but fundamentally, the CBI need feedback from any company who is struggling to get finance from their bank and the circumstances of that. They also want to hear from anyone for whom the process has worked well and which bank supported that. To leave feedback, please follow this link and fill in the form You will also find recordings of all the webinars and policy updates here.Specifically from today, there is a big question over making people redundant, if necessary, following furlough and the CBI is pushing hard now for the government to advise of any intention to extend the scheme, by 18th April as this would be the cut-off date for redundancy consultations. Once again, please feed this information back to the CBI or the FSB.As for a small glimmer of hope, they talked about the consensus opinion for a potential for a ‘V’ shaped recovery following what is likely to be quite a sharp but short lived recession. Please bear in mind, this is coming form the same economists who haven’t been all that good at predicting things since the global financial crisis of 2008!
IOSH Support – There is now a Coronavirus dedicated resource on the IOSH website, which you can find here This will take you through some of the health and safety issues related to both managing people in the workplace and minimising the risk from COVID-19 and also how to ensure that employees working from home should be treated from an occupational health point of view.

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